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Dear colleague,


You went into this work because you wanted to change the world, and we're here to help you do that. Let us help you uncover and fix your trouble spots. We enjoy digging into juicy problems and wrapping our arms around it so that you can feel confident that someone has your back.


Lovers of brave humans and messy work, we work with individuals, candidates, organizations, and faith communities whose missions are to promote social justice, antiracism, and equity.


Whether you need a mentor, a show runner, a fundraiser, a messaging crafter, a project manager, or a facilitator, we are ready to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to increase your volume of work and to deepen your felt impact on our community.





We help build a strategic path to success that identifies the intended impact and benchmarks along the way.

Program design + evaluation

Designed to fit your mission, organizational capacity, funding sources and core competencies, we build and evaluate programs with clear goals, outcomes and measures.

Project management

We manage a clear, comprehensive, adaptive approach that helps everyone feel secure and clear about next steps.

Facilitation + professional learning

We create collaborative workshops that leverage everyone's strengths and where group dynamics are thoughtfully managed.

Campaign work

We put together a plan to win that leverages people power for issue-based campaigns and electoral campaigns.


We analyze the landscape and produce successful, tailored proposals, campaigns, and reports that tell a compelling story for why people should invest in your work.

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