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Meet your sidekick.


Sidekick for Good is a social enterprise that supports do-gooders to flourish. 


Every do-gooder needs a sidekick, and we serve as a dynamo partner to those who interrupt the status-quo. Sidekick for Good provides mission-driven consulting services in systems-change, fundraising, annual planning, communications and more.  We work with nonprofit, philanthropy, civic, and progressive church leaders to solve sticky issues, get programs off the ground, and to help add more capacity during a time when you are asked to do more with less.

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About the founder

Most things worth doing are hard, and founder Holly Kragthorpe Shirley is here for all of it. Holly is a seasoned educator, advocate, and facilitator with extensive experience in managing chaos. Raising funds, building coalitions, tracking progress, and securing big wins are all in a day's work. Also an okayish parent of teenagers, Holly knows when to hustle, wrangle, and make magic.

Image: Holly Kragthorpe Shirley is standing outdoors on a paved path surrounded by trees. She is  wearing a purple top and black pants and has her hands in her pockets.
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If I were building a team, Holly would be at or near the top of my recruitment list. I've had the pleasure of working alongside her for the last three years and I've seen her consistently exceed expectations in various roles, including some with serious challenges. While her tangible skills are exemplary, it is her passion for creating change and her commitment to excellent work products that really set her apart. Additionally, her organizational skills are unparalleled, allowing her to effectively manage more work flows at once than just about anyone I've ever met.

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